Rules for children and adults


The goal of the game is to animate the citizens in the quarter to move around more. Outside activities bring great benefits for physical and mental health. The game combines physical activity with fun. The winning team or player earns fame, honor and a gift.


  • The game starts at the agreed time and date. Multiple games in different locations can be played at the same time.
  • A game can last up until six weeks.
  • Everyone can participate -  including parents and grandparents.


  • The RFID gaming Cards, as well as the Maps with the street Point Locations are distributed by the Schools or Team Leaders respectively. 
  • the Cards are partly already assigned to a Team, however independant Teams can still be formed. 
  • By registering on the website, cards can be personalized. Only after registration, the team statistics can be checked.
  • All personal data gets deleted after the game ends.
  • Should there be any problems with the devices, please let us know!


  • You will get Points for reaching two or more Street Points 
  • It's not allowed to pass the card onto someone else. 
  • Parents are not allowed to run for their children.
  • The street Point are not supposed to be reached by car (if our regulatory algorythms register cheating, the player and their team will be blocked from the game).
  • Using a bicycle is okay. We, however, ask you to pay attention to the rules regarding bicycles.


Stand: 06.02.2019